Most Improved Reader Award

The Pueblo City-County Library District invites all teachers in Pueblo County to nominate the student in your classroom whose reading skills have shown the most improvement for a Most Improved Reader Award. This award is not for the best reader, but rather for the student who has really tried to learn to read better, and/or who through their own efforts has improved their reading skills greatly during the past year.

Please select the student or students from your classroom whom you feel should receive this recognition. A representative from the library will present each recognized student with a certificate of merit at your school's end-of-year award ceremony.
Please submit your students' names on the form bellow at least 2 weeks prior to your school's award ceremony:
If you have questions or need additional information, please call Sara Schwartz at 553-0220.

To register your students for this award, please call Sara Schwartz at 553-0220.